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It all started with 5 friends who were passionate about the products, skills, and services they provide. 

Prinko is a retail chain by 5 dot ventures that offer printing services for business customers and individuals all under one roof. We aim to make printing a simple and hassle-free process for both business customers and individuals. Together we can work with you to create anything from business cards, letterheads, marketing brochures, or exhibition banners. We even have a library of templates for you to choose from to make invitation cards, create personalized gifts, and process photo prints at cost-effective prices.

We are a small printing company with big dreams. We started on a small scale and still, we are continuously growing. We want to be able to fulfill all the needs of our customers. We want to build trust and relationships with our customers.

We believe in quality and customer satisfaction and we will do everything possible to give you a 100% satisfactory service. We are determined to succeed in any field and we will always deliver what is promised.

Our core values are Passion, Collaboration, Quality, Innovation, and Value. These define our business and the heart of what we do.

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